Is Avelo Airlines Safe?

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Avelo is an ultra-low-cost safest airline in the United States. Avelo is a domestic United States-based Airline that flies to smaller airports. According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Avelo is a secure and safe airline to fly domestically. Avelo Airline aims to make the air journey affordable and comfortable with safety precautions. This Airline receives positive reviews from passengers regarding safety purposes.

They always ensure the aircraft with the top and latest technology with upgraded safety features. Avelo Airlines’ continuous investment in the assessment programs and training of the crew members, pilots, and other staff to protect and save passengers in critical situations.

In this article, we will address and provide accurate information about Avelo Airline’s safety features, fleet, ratings, reviews and Is it safe for Airlines in 2023.

Airline CallsignAvelo Airlines
FoundedJuly 20, 1987
Fleet size11
HeadquartersHouston, Texas, U.S.
Working Hours24 Hours
Official Website
Instagram Account 

What is the Avelo Airlines Safety Record?

Avelo Airlines has maintained a great safety record in the whole aviation industry. Avelo Airlines safety record has witnessed no major accidents or crash landings in the past years. It has wisely handled minor incidents with a zero mortality rate.

  • The Airline has been running since 1989 with safety protocols.
  • Avelo as a brand commenced its operation in April 2021.
  • Avelo Airlines always handled all critical situations positively with safety protocols.
  • On speculating any danger, Avelo Airlines cancels flights for the safety of passengers.

What is the Avelo Airline Safety Rating?

Avelo Airline Safety Rating gets a seven-star rating from passengers’ experience and reviews. It is a safe airline for short-distance and domestic air travel. This airline has met the highest level of requirements in safety procedures and upgraded technology. They always maintained a hygienic and positive environment with safety measures.

  • Avelo Airline received a 7/7 Star rating in Safety features.
  • Always keep an enthusiastic environment with safety features.
  • It has received a 3-star rating in the staff service regarding hygienic health safety.
  • The Cabin Crew staff gets a 3-star rating regarding the safety purpose.

What are the Avelo Airline Safety Reviews?

Avelo Airline safety reviews have received positive feedback from different passengers. The Aircraft were both well cleaned and maintained with the safety measures. Crew members were good-natured and polite. Avelo Airline has built a positive image in safety performance.

  • Avelo Airline got positive reviews from the passengers and the different locations.
  • This airline received positive reviews regarding Cabin Crew Services.
  • Avelo Airlines always maintained a positive work environment in the airport.
  • This airline provides the best services in terms of health and safety. 

Is Avelo Airlines Safe to Fly in COVID-19?

During the COVID- time, Avelo Airlines followed strict rules and regulations to make sure that passengers were maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, and using sanitizer very often. The main concern was health safety. They provided COVID-19 instructions and guidance to every passenger regarding the safety protocols.

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  • Always maintained both aircraft hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Avelo Airline followed strict rules and regulations during the COVID-19 time on safety.
  • Avelo Airlines proper guide to the passengers regarding safety protocols.

How safe is Avelo Airline by fleet?

Avelo Airlines by fleet operates one of the most fuel-efficient with two different kinds of aircraft. Primarily, the aircraft is a Boeing 737-700 with a capacity of 147 passengers. Secondly, the aircraft is a Boeing 737-800 with a capacity of 189 passengers.

Avelo Airlines is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards. This Airline regularly conducts safety audits and reviews. Both aircraft have undergone updates to ensure they are equipped with the latest technology and the greatest safety features.

Fleet reviews of avelo airlines
  • Avelo Airline regularly checks the safety inspections to ensure compliance.
  • Avelo Airline uses updated technology in the aircraft to provide safety features.
  • This airline is a well-maintained aircraft with safety measures.
  • Avelo Airlines ensures the greatest safety features in the aircraft.

How safe is Avelo Airline?

Avelo Airlines safety record is well-maintained and its safety rating is very well-noted. The passenger reviews about the Avelo Airline are very positive and have a good reputation in the Airline industry. There are some points to consider that Avelo Airline is safe follows:

  • It follows International safety standards to ensure the safety of the FAA.
  • Andrew Levy has experience of more than 34 years in terms of safety.
  • Avelo Airline is safe for its fleets and an average of its fleets is.15.3 years.

Is Avelo Airlines safe to fly domestically?

Avelo Airline is safe to fly domestically, is unique, and operates two routes of travel on both the East and West coasts. The first largest base in Hollywood Burbank and provides continuous service with safety features to a range of smaller airports in California, the Rocky Mountains, and the Pacific Northwest.

The second hub in New Haven operates a flight to Florida as well as Washington, Chicago Midway, and Raleigh-Durham. 

  • They serve many smaller cities like Eureka, Redding, and Medford with safety ratings. 
  • Avelo airline prioritizes high aircraft utilization.
  • It is focused on attracting leisure travelers including Las Vegas, Florida taking center stage.

Avelo Airline Baggage Restrictions and Prohibited Items for Safety

Federal law prohibits the carriage of harmful items aboard aircraft with your luggage for the passenger’s safety. Avelo Airlines are not allowed some defective items regarding safety for passengers to transport abroad on aircraft. Personal items like deodorant, nail polish, perfume, and medicine can be carried with some restrictions and minimum quantity because of passenger health safety.

Avelo can allow in critical situations especially for Military defence individuals to carry harmless items. Military defence can carry unsafe items with proper restrictions, rules, and regulations as per the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). 

  • TSA will allow the stun gun only in checked bags when the power source is removed.
  • According to Transportation Security Administration rules do not allow the torch lighter.
  • It does not allow the batteries known to be defective and damaged aboard the plane.
  • Avelo Airline does allow some household items like acidic and combustible items.
  • Life jackets have flames or a flare gun attached to them, you must remove them and bring them on board the aircraft.


In conclusion, Avelo Airline can be considered safe for domestic travel. They always give the highest priority to the safety of the passengers. Its commendable safety record and rating, absence of no major incidents and crash landings, and responsible handling of incidents calm passengers. Avelo Airline always follows strict rules and regulations in terms of safety. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Avelo Airlines fly internationally?

Avelo Airline flies only domestic routes in the U.S.

What is the Avelo Airlines ratings for safety purpose?

Avelo Airlines safety rating is Seven-Star.

Is Avelo Airlines safe for short-distance travel?

Yes, Avelo Airline is best for short-distance travel.

Is Avelo Airlines safe?

Avelo Airline is a safe airline because it has a 7-star rating in safety features.

Is Avelo Airlines safe to fly in Los Angeles?

Yes, Avelo Airline is safe to fly in Los Angeles.

Does Avelo Airlines have a good safety record?

Yes, Avelo has a good safety record. As of the Avelo Airlines safety record, It has had no major accidents or crash landing in the past years.

What is the review of Avelo Airline?

Avelo Airline got a positive review and maintained a high reputation image.

Is Avelo Airlines safe for California?

Yes, Avelo Airline is safe to fly to California.

Are there any baggage restrictions on harmless items in Avelo Airline?

Yes, Avelo has a strict baggage restriction on carrying sharp objects, such as lighter fluid, knives, scissors, gasoline, batteries, etc.

Is Avelo Airlines safe for domestic routes?

Yes, Avelo Airline is safe for domestic routes.

Is Avelo Airline safes for Washington?

Yes, Avelo Airline is safe to fly to Washington.

How many hubs are in Avelo Airline?

There are 2 hubs in Avelo Airline including Hollywood Burbank and New Haven.

Is Avelo Airline safe for Medford?

Yes, Avelo Airline is safe to fly to Medford.

Is Avelo Airline safe for Florida?

Yes, Avelo Airline is safe to fly to Florida.

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