Chennai Airport’s New Routes will Aim to Make Flying More Convenient

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As the Coronavirus pandemic has hit the aviation industry differently across countries. In Chennai, India, the director of Chennai Airport, Sharad Kumar is all set to face a new comeback this August given the pandemic’s effect. With a drop in passenger traffic, the Airports Authority of India (AAI) has decided to offer new routes from Chennai. 

Due to less number of travelers, the director of Chennai or MAA Airport has shared the building of ample facilities within its premises. Mr. Kumar has mentioned that the airport will now be prone to contactless entry to its flyers with the availability of new routes. This will be done to support the unrestricted usage of airspace. Around 700 extra trolleys will be supplied for the easy flow of goods brought by the visitors.

Chennai Airport

By the end of August 2021, over 18 new routes will open across India, allowing many airlines to save fuel and get to their destinations faster. Around five airlines at these routers will be from Chennai International Airport. Particularly, they will fly over the Chennai-Kolkata portion, where aircraft may conserve 300kg to 400kg of fuel by flying straight routes rather than across the ocean.

The new routes will guarantee that airways do not get permanently restricted for civil aircraft. They may be reopened for airlines when not being used. Thus, they will allow intercontinental flights to not remain overcrowded. Apart from this, Chennai Airport terminals may be renovated by the end of this year with the addition of extra restrooms and lounges.

In the Chennai Flight Information Region (FIR), 24 routes have been recognized for conventional flights. According to some reports, the defense ministry has devised a strategy to gradually boost the number of Chennai Airport routes in the following year. Additionally, it is estimated that around 100 more routes will be established all over India in the years to come.

Talking about amenities, MAA Airport will discover Multilevel Car Parking by the end of November 2021. Thus, passengers will have the option of traveling by road, suburban railways, or Chennai Metro. There will be a variety of forms of transportation available from Chennai Airport’s location.

To guarantee that severe rains do not disrupt airport operations or the routes, the airport will work with state government entities. Rainwater will be channeled away from the facility. A new 5.4-kilometer stormwater drain is being built at Chennai International Airport, India, for a similar purpose.
Due to the obvious junction locations of air routes from Chennai to Port Blair, intercontinental planes typically struggle to get enough height to fly across the Bay of Bengal. If these roads are made directly, then this might be avoided. To avoid such problems in the Chennai Airport area, many pilots hope to get the new routes’ construction to be complete as soon as possible

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