Busiest Airports in Oceania

10 Busiest Airports in Oceania

Oceania is known to have many busy international airports serving several countries in the world. This continent is a geographical area that includes Australia, New Zealand, Polynesia, Micronesia, and Melanesia. Located in such parts are the busiest airports of this continent. The highly busy airport in Oceania is the Sydney Airport or SYD Airport. Apart from this airport, there are 9 more airports in the continent that are considered to be the busiest. Keeping this in mind, here we present the 10 busiest airports in Oceania for travelers across the globe. 

This blog is based on the size of these airports in Oceania and the number of passengers traveling from these airports each year. Continue reading further to know about the exact size these airports occupy as well as the surprising number of these passengers.

This summary covers an entire list of very busy airports in Oceania that you will read in this blog:

Knowing the Busiest Airports in Oceania for Travelers Around the Globe

Now we will cover 10 of Oceania’s busiest airports in terms of their passenger capacity. We will tell you how many passengers prefer using these Oceania airports every year.  We will also focus on the size of these airports which lets them handle immense traffic. Apart from these two features, we will also discuss the location of these airports along with their IATA codes. 

Sydney Airport

Known by the SYD Airport code, Sydney Airport is an international airport in Australia. It is located 8 kilometers to the south of Sydney’s central business district. This airport is recorded as the busiest airport in Australia and Oceania because of its popularity. This is due to the fact that around 41.8 million travelers fly from this airport every year.

If we discuss the size and terminals of it, SYD Airport covers a significant space of 2,54,000 square feet. Additionally, there are 3 terminals and runways at this airport for easy access to its flyers. Due to all of these reasons, SYD Airport attracts many tourists from all around the world.

Brisbane International Airport

Brisbane International Airport is the main airport that serves Brisbane as well as South East Queensland. This airport is located 14 kilometers northeast of the central business district of Brisbane. Often many passengers use the BNE Airport code to find the address of its location. Let’s now talk about its terminals and runways. BNE Airport has 2 terminals and 2 runways. Surprisingly, these terminals carry A380 aerobridges from this airport. 

BNE Airport holds a second rank on our list of busiest airports in Oceania because of its size. It has a length of 2,700 acres, which holds up to 23.2 million passengers each year. 

Melbourne International Airport

Located in the Tullamarine region, Melbourne International Airport is the primary airport that serves Melbourne city and its surrounding areas. This airport, recognized by the MEL Airport code, comprises four terminals and two intersecting runways.

Considered the second-busiest airport in Australia, it is also the busiest one in the Oceania continent. This is because nearly 36.7 million flyers reach their destinations from this airport. In addition, MEL Airport covers an area of 23.9 square kilometers. This size makes MEL feasible to carry so many passengers.

Auckland International Airport

The next airport among the busiest airports in Oceania is Auckland International Airport. It is because it carries around 21 million passengers throughout the year. It has a size of 23 square kilometers.

Talking about the location of the airport, it is situated 20 kilometers to the south of Auckland’s City Center. If you are new to this city, then you can use the AKL Airport code to locate this airport in no time. AKL Airport is constructed of 2 terminals for domestic and international flights. In addition to this, there are two runways at this airport, making traveling easy for its flyers.

Perth International Airport

Perth International Airport, recognized by its PER Airport code, is one of the international airports in Perth. Perth is the capital of Western Australia. This airport has an immense size of 2,105 hectares, making it at the top of the list of highly busy airports in Oceania.

PER Airport constitutes 2 runways and 4 terminals: T1, T2, T3, and T4. These terminals add wings to this airport, and hence, more and more passengers are flying from it. Why we are saying this is due to it handling nearly 13.6 million tourists every year. Thus, making it amongst the busier airports in Oceania.

Daniel K. Inouye International Airport

Daniel K. Inouye International Airport is also known by its name Honolulu International Airport. With the HNL Airport code, this airport is located in Honolulu State on the massive island of O’ahu. It is a famous airport among the people of this island as it serves around 19.9 million travelers worldwide.

Coming to the facilities of the airport, HNL Airport consists of 3 terminals. It also has 48 gates which are known as jet-way gates and hardstands. These gates allow passengers to move freely from one terminal to another. Covering all these facilities under one roof, this airport is spread over an area of 4,220 acres. These surprising factors and the convenient facilities available make HNL Airport become one of the busiest airports in Oceania.

Adelaide International Airport

Adelaide International Airport is the primary airport of the city of Adelaide in South Australia. Not only is this airport amongst the busy ones in Oceania but it is also the fifth-busiest airport in Australia. The location of this airport is 6 kilometers to the west of Adelaide’s City Center. Using the ADL Airport code can make you quickly reach this airport.

ADL Airport also has a great surface area of 800 hectares. This can be the reason why it accommodates 8.09 million travelers on a yearly basis. Owing to its size, ADL Airport has a single passenger terminal and 2 runways. It annually has a growth of approx 7% in terms of its traffic. That is why it comes to be included among Oceania’s busiest airports.

Gold Coast Airport

Now, let us get to know about the passenger’s all-time favorite airport in Oceania. Gold Coast Airport has recently been attracting many tourists because of its aircraft movements. This airport is known as the sixth-busiest airport in Australia. Around 6.4 million flyers travel from this airport almost every year.

Also known by its OOL Airport code, this airport’s size is nearly 2,90,000 square feet. As a result of its enormous size, it is divided into one main terminal and two runways.

Kahului Airport

The second-last one on our list of the busiest airports in Oceania is Kahului Airport. This airport is situated to the east of the city of Kahului on Maui Island. This airport is reported as the 9th busiest one in Australia because of its passenger capacity. It can annually handle around 6.4 million flyers from across the globe.

The terminal area of this airport (OGG Airport code) is segmented into 2 passenger terminals as well as 2 asphalt runways. The reason for doing so is its large surface area which is around 1,391 acres.

Christchurch International Airport

Christchurch International Airport is the primary airport operating in the city of Christchurch in New Zealand. Having the CHC Airport code, it is situated 12 kilometers to the northwest of Christchurch’s City Center. This is the second-busiest airport in New Zealand and also the 10th one on our list of Oceania’s busiest airports. This is mainly due to the number of passengers it carries. Approx 6.5 million flyers travel through this airport on a yearly basis to visit other destinations.

You will be surprised to know that CHC Airport covers a distance of around 16,000 square meters which is very huge. Owing to its big size, the airport accommodates a single-terminal with 58 check-in counters for the easy immigration process. The presence of so many counters clearly hints at the traffic it needs to handle on a daily basis.

The Bottom Line

It is said that there are around 328 airports in Oceania with commercial aircraft connections. Over 13 big airports and 315 minor airports are known to serve the Oceania continent. It is because tons of flyers visit these airports, as you read above. Amongst all, this blog covered the 10 busiest airports in Oceania for travelers who are fond of exploring the same. We hope that this blog will be helpful to you in choosing the ideal airport for your upcoming trips. 

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