Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy

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Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy

Based in Honolulu, Hawaiian Airlines is amongst the longest-serving operators to many international/domestic destinations. For both destination types, the airline instructs its passengers to carry baggage as per certain rules. These rules have been collected under the Hawaiian Airlines baggage policy. From checked allowance to carry-ons/personal, the policy and its rules carry instructions for several baggage types.

Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Allowance for Checked Items

Hawaiian Airlines baggage allowance can be regarded as a practice for checking items/bags. During the checking, the weight, size, or quantity is seen. For the 3 aspects, separate rules under the baggage policy can be seen.

Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Size

Size is a parameter that is noticed by the Honolulu airline when the baggage goes for check-in. Hawaiian Airlines’ baggage size limits have been defined for several types. These limits are inclusive of standard dimensions. In case the standard ones are surpassed, the airline has already put in place limits/restrictions for oversized luggage.

Baggage TypeDimensions (Maximum)
Checked 157 cm/62 inches 
Cabin114 cm/45 inches 
Carry-on114 cm/45 inches 
Oversized206 cm/80 inches 

Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Weight Limit

Overloading of aircraft can be an important concern for an airline. Thus, weight limits are made. Understanding this concern, Hawaiian Airlines’ bag weight limit has been defined as follows:

  • Hawaiian Airlines checked bag weight limit varies on the cabin class. Economy and Premium Economy travelers can take bags of 50 pounds or 23 kilograms. Whereas, Business and First Class visitors can carry bags up to 70 pounds/32 kilograms.
  • The cabin baggage maximum weight limit is 23 kilograms.
  • No item more than 25 pounds can be accepted as per the carry-on baggage weight limit on Hawaiian Airlines.
  • The baggage limit of more than 100 lbs or 45 kilograms, can be considered overweight.

Hawaiian Air Baggage Fees

When you are flying on this Honolulu-headquartered air operator, you may have to pay some fees for carrying your baggage only in some cases. Hawaiian Airlines baggage fees may be levied on carrying checked and excess bags. These fees are based on the domestic and international routes you fly to.

  • Checked baggage can be charged on the number of bags you bring and the destination you choose. Passengers may take 3 bags with this airline. Hawaiian Airlines checked bag fees can be as follows:
CategoryFirst Bag (in Dollars)Second Bag (in Dollars)Third+ Bags (in Dollars)
Neighbour Island (Main Cabin)253550
North America (Main Cabin)3040100
First ClassFreeFree50 for Neighbour Island,100 for North America,150 for International Routes
International RoutesFreeFree150

Note: It can be worth mentioning that Hawaiian Airlines cannot allow the passengers on the same reservation to save and share their luggage. Hawaiian Airlines baggage fees may apply when you surpass the individual allowance on the flight.

  • Hawaiian Airlines excess baggage cost can be related to the number of, overweight, oversized bags, as well as the routes.
To/From Hawaii51-70 lbs Baggage Weight Fees (in Dollars)71-100 lbs Baggage Weight Fees (in Dollars)62-80 inches Baggage Size Fees (in Dollars)
North America50200100
Neighbor Island357035
Australia or New Zealand0Not Accepted150
Pago Pago50400150
Japan or Korea50400150
Papeete50Not Accepted150

Items Allowed/Disallowed under Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy

It may not be unusual for an airline to allow/disallow some items onboard. For reasons relating to safety, overloading, etc., the Hawaiian Air baggage allowance for items can differ. With reference to these reasons, baby food, diaper bags, carrycot, strollers, baby cereals, medicines, wheelchair, hearing aids, assistive devices can be allowed. Contrary to this, knives, scissors, firearms, explosives, chemicals, lithium batteries, e-cigarettes, matchsticks, and other such items may be prohibited.

Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy on Carrying Pets

On domestic flights, in the cabin section, this Honolulu-based airline approves the flying of pets. The category can include domesticated dogs/cats and household birds. The pets may travel as checked baggage or in the cargo hold. For complimentary check-in, only service animals can be allowed with Hawaiian Airlines baggage policy.

There may be certain airlines like Volaris that may allow more pet types to be carried. Based on your concern, the air operator can be chosen.

Note: This airline allows limited pets on a first-come-first-served basis.

For ensuring the safety of your pet, you should submit all the health records including a vaccination certificate. If you want to bring carry-on pets, they must be transported in a hard-sided kennel. Only one carrier can be considered for a single pet in the cabin. The pet carrier should be in proper weight and size constraints as shown below:

Maximum Weight 25 lbs11 kgs
Maximum Length16 inches40 cms
Maximum Width10 inches25 cms
Maximum Depth9.5 inches24 cms

Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy for Infants

Infants can fly with this carrier with no age limit. A physician’s certificate can be necessary for taking them onboard. They can be accompanied by passengers at least 15 years old.

For bringing infants on the flight, you may not require a separate seat. However, you should buy a seat if your infant is 2 years or older. Other rules of Hawaiian Airlines baggage policy rules for infants are:

  • A child-restraint device/car seat should be carried.
  • During take-off and landing, these car seats/restraint devices should not be used.
  • On traveling to international places with infants, some fees may apply.
  • A full adult fare can be levied on traveling to Neighbor Island and North America, concerning the Hawaiian Airlines baggage allowance for international flights.
  • Only one child per passenger can be considered on lap.
  • There can be no individual baggage allowance for infants on lap.
  • Stroller’s carrycots and other items can be taken as a part of the carry-on luggage.

Sports/Music Items on Hawaiian Airlines

Only certain music or sports items can be taken on this carrier. Bicycles, kayaks, paragliding, shooting, archery, wakeboards, golf, hockey, windsurfing, and bowling equipment can be approved on Hawaiian. The items may/may not require some fees. To know what the Hawaiian Airlines baggage fees can be, you may contact the operator.

To know more items in the category, you can see below:

  • Hang gliders
  • Scuba diving equipment
  • Canoe
  • Snowboards
  • Piano
  • Cell bass
  • Drums
  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • Drumsticks

Frequently Asked Questions

How to avoid fees in Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy?

There can be many ways by which you can save Hawaiian Airlines baggage fees. The first way is that by contacting the operator, you can get complimentary credit cards that give you free checked bags. You can be a member of Hawaiian Miles. Another option to save fees is to fly on a Premium Cabin.

Can I bring my food on Hawaiian Airlines checked baggage?

Yes, the food items can be taken with Hawaiian Airlines checked bags or carry-ons by following some rules. The items should be stored in zip-lock bags or airtight containers.

Can I pre-pay my fees for my Hawaiian Airlines luggage?

You cannot prepay for your luggage before your date of reservation. You can pay on the scheduled flight time at the airport, during check-in, or online for your Hawaiian luggage.

Are there any special inclusions for Hawaiian Airlines military baggage allowance?

This airline offers retired/active military personnel and their family dependents a Hawaiian Airlines baggage fee waiver during their check-in. The military officer or their family members may check up to 4 bags for free. All they have to do is provide a valid ID card for the military to get the special baggage allowance.

How to get free baggage on Hawaiian Airlines?

There can be 3 proper ways to get free baggage on Hawaiian. You can have the World Elite Mastercard to avoid the extra fees. The second way is to have a Palani Elite Status Membership. The last way to earn free Hawaiian Airlines free baggage is whenever you travel, fly on international routes.