Rarotonga International Airport (RAR)

Rarotonga Airport (RAR Airport) is situated on the northern coast about 3 kilometres west of the downtown area. Its concrete surface runway 08/26 is quite close to nearby roads due to which the general public often gets too close to departing and landing aircraft. 

General Information about Rarotonga International Airport

The following table is an overview of RAR Airport indicated below:

AirportRarotonga International Airport
Airport TypePublic
OwnerAirport Authority Cook Islands
Hub forAir Rarotonga
Rarotonga Airport CodeRAR
Rarotonga Airport Terminals2
Rarotonga International Airport Runway1
Rarotonga International Airport Coordinates21°12′10″S 159°48′20″W
Rarotonga Airport AddressQ5WX+X6G, Avarua, Cook Islands
Official Websitehttps://cookislandsairports.com/home/
Official Phone Number60 16-949 7152
Elevation19 ft / 6 m

Rarotonga Airport Code

Rarotonga Airport code is RAR. This three-letter IATA code has been derived from the Rarotonga city that Rarotonga Airport serves. Rarotonga International Airport (RAR Airport) is located at an elevation of 6 meters above sea level in the heart of the Avarua district. 


Rarotonga Airport Map

The Rarotonga Airport location Map is a useful tool for finding your way around the airport, and for planning your journey

Rarotonga International Airport Runways

Rarotonga Airport (RAR) features one runways: 

08-267,638 ft150 ftConcreteYes

Rarotonga Airport Terminals

Rarotonga Airport (IATA: RAR, ICAO: NCRG) has two terminals, the Domestic Terminal and the International Terminal.

The Domestic Terminal is located on the ground floor of the airport and is used for all domestic flights within the Cook Islands. The terminal has a check-in area, a security checkpoint, and a waiting area with seating and refreshments.

The International Terminal is located on the first floor of the airport and is used for all international flights. The terminal has a check-in area, a security checkpoint, a duty-free shop, a restaurant, and a waiting area with seating and refreshments.

Nearest Airports to Rarotonga International Airport

Some of the closest airports to RAR Airport are:

  • Atiu Island Airport : 222.88 km
  • Aitutaki Airport : 263.77 km
  • Mitiaro Island Airport : 266.12 km
  • Mauke Island Airport : 282.13 km

Airlines Operating from Rarontong International Airports (RAR)

The following airlines operate from Rarontong Airport:

  • Air New Zealand
  • Air Rarotonga 
  • Air Tahiti
  • Jetstar Airways

When was Rarotonga Airport built?

Rarotonga International Airport was constructed and opened in the year 1975, specifically in the month of January. It was given the Rarotonga Airport code – RAR. This new airport cost roughly $5.1 million to get built. This airport began operating in November 1973. It was formally inaugurated in January 1974. It was conducted under the New Zealand Ministry of Transport till April 1986. This was also the year when the Cook Islands Airport Authority seized control.

How long is the Rarotonga runway?

One 1,800 meters long-sealed runway has been renovated at Rarotonga Airport. Along with focusing on its length, night illumination has also been installed on this runway. 08/26 is the name of the runway at this airport, which is known by its RAR Airport code. This runway was upgraded in the year 2003.

Do the Cook Islands have an airport?

Yes, Cook Islands have an international airport. This airport is called Rarotonga International Airport. It is also known by its Cook Islands 3 letter airport code which is RAR. This airport is located in the Avarua district, Rarotonga. It is situated 3 kilometers or 1.9 miles to the west of the city of Rarotonga.

Is Rarotonga Airport big?

Yes,  Rarotonga Airport is considered one of the biggest airports in the world. As compared to several other airports in the Cook Islands, this one features a massive structure. This airport, also recognized by the Rarotonga International Airport code, is also Cook Island’s largest airport. The airport is situated on the main island of Cook Islands. It may be due to this fact that the RAR Airport receives approximately 100,000 passengers each year.

Where is Rarotonga Airport located?

Rarotonga Airport is located in Cook Islands which is an island country. Constituting the Cook Islands Airport code, it is the principal airport of the country. This airport is based on the island of Rarotonga. It is located in Avarua, which is called the Cook Islands’ national capital.

What is Rarotonga Airport Code?

Rarotonga International Airport has its unique Cook Islands’ 3 letter Airport code. This airport code hints at its short abbreviation – RAR. RAR stands for the full name of this international airport, known as Rarotonga International Airport. The RAR code can also be seen on passenger reservations, paperwork, and receipts of this airport.

What airlines fly into Rarotonga Airport?

There are two airlines that fly into Rarotonga Airport (RAR Airport code). These two airlines are Air New Zealand and Air Rarotonga, respectively. Apart from these two airlines, there are no other airlines, at present, that fly into this airport.

Who owns Rarotonga Airport (Rarotonga International Airport code)?

Three independent entrepreneurs own the business of Rarotonga International Airport. This airline started in February 1978 and began its services by utilizing a Cessna 337 airliner in July 1978. In addition, it is said that about 70,000 tourists travel to this destination every year, mainly due to the efforts of the owners for maintaining the services of the airport.

How much are flights from Rarotonga to Aitutaki?

One-way trips from Rarotonga Airport (Rarotonga Airport code) to Aitutaki cost about NZ$173. The cost of the round way trip from this airport to Aitutaki is approximately NZ$191.

What airlines fly to Rarotonga Cook Islands?

There are nearly five international airlines that fly to Rarotonga Cook Islands. Air New Zealand, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, United, and Virgin Atlantic are some of the airlines that fly to these islands. To get access to them, the airport identified by the Rarotonga International Airport code can be relied on.

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