Pittsburgh International Airport

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Known to be one of the largest civil-military airports, the Pittsburgh International Airport was opened  71 years ago. It primarily serves the area of the greater Pittsburgh region. It covers about ten thousand acres of land and operates several national and international flights. Pittsburgh Airport is famous for being the hub for Trans World Airlines and hence and hence has a large customer base as well.

Some of the details of this airport like the number of terminals it has, what airlines it serves, and what services it offers are explained in the following sections. 

What is the General Information About the Pittsburgh International Airport?

The table given below shows some of the simple details and general information about Pittsburgh Airport. They include the following aspects: 

Airport Pittsburgh International Airport 
Airport Type Public and Military 
Operator Allegheny County Airport Authority 
Serves Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area 
Hub For Southern Airways Express 
Pittsburgh Airport Code PIT 
Pittsburgh Airport Terminals 2 terminals and 4 concourses A, B, C, D
Pittsburgh Airport Coordinates 40.4929° N, 80.2373° W
Pittsburgh Runways 10R/28L10C/28C10L/28R14/32
Pittsburgh Airport Address 1000 Airport Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15231, USA
Distance from the city About 10 miles (15 km) west of downtown Pittsburgh
Official Website https://flypittsburgh.com/ 
Official Phone Number +1 412-472-3525

What is the Official Pittsburgh Airport Code?

The Pittsburgh international airport code indicated the official identity of the airport. Hence it is an essential part of any airport. Given below are the airport codes assigned to this airport.  

Pittsburgh IATA Code PIT 
WMO Code 94823
Philadelphia Airport Zip Code 15231

How Many Runways are there at the Pittsburgh International Airport PIT?

The Pittsburgh airport houses 4 runaways. These runways are efficiently designed to properly undertake all the landing and take-off operations. Details of each of these runways are mentioned in the table given below: 

Runway Dimensions Surface material 
10R/28L11,500 ft or 3,505 meters Concrete 
10C/28C10,775 ft or 3,284 meters Asphalt or concrete
10L/28R10,502 ft or 3,201 meters Asphalt or concrete
14/328,101 ft or 2,469 meters Concrete 

What does the Pittsburgh International Airport Map Show? 

The map of Pittsburgh Airport was specifically designed to outline the structure of the airport so that passengers can easily locate the different terminals and check-in spots. If you want to locate a specific shopping center or a restaurant, you can refer to this map. Further, the map is also useful in finding out the different gates housed by each terminal. Hence, this map is designed for the overall convenience of the passengers. 

Following is the depiction of this map: 

airfleetrating-map of pittsburgh international airport

How Much is Pittsburgh Airport Parking?

Parking at Pittsburgh Airport is divided into the following categories: 

airfleetrating-pittsburgh international airport parking
  • Short term parking 
  • Long term parking 
  • Extended lot parking 
  • Economy lot parking 

The fee charged differs for each of these options and also varies as per the time for which you wish to utilize the lot: 

How much is the Pittsburgh Airport Short Term Parking?

As the name suggests, this type of parking is only offered for a short while. It is specially designed to suit those who are dropping off passengers. The rates for short term parking Pittsburgh Airport are as follows: 

Duration Fee charged 
Each 30 minutes USD 4 
Maximum 24 hours USD 32 

What is the Pittsburgh Airport Long Term Parking Cost?

Long term parking Pittsburgh Airport can be used by passengers who require to halt their vehicles for a longer duration or until their trip is complete, For this, they will have to pay the following charges: 

Duration Parking Fees
First hour Free – no fee 
Each 30 minutes USD 4 
Maximum 24 hours USD 20 

How much is the Extended Parking at Pittsburgh Airport?

This type of Pittsburgh International Airport parking is also known as shuttle parking. For this, the rates are charged on an hourly basis. Given below is the fee payable. It is usually cheaper than the other parking options. 

Duration Fee charged 
First hour Free – no fee 
Each 30 minutes USD 2 
Maximum 24 hours USD 15

Pittsburgh Airport Economy Parking and Accessible Parking 

Economy parking Pittsburgh Airport is the cheapest type of parking available at the airport. Accessible parking facilities are offered for handicapped customers. To avail of such services, you will be required to pay a fee of USD 10 for 24 hours. 

What are the Services and Facilities Offered at the Pittsburgh PA Airport? 

To make it easier for the fliers to access shopping and dining services, the Pittsburgh Airport PIT provides a variety of retail stores and restaurants. Some of them are highlighted here: 

  • Shopping
    • 7-Eleven 
    • River Market by Hudson 
    • Brookstone 
    • Hudson Booksellers 
    • Hudson News 
    • inMotion Entertainment 
    • Johnston and Murphy 
    • Lids 
    • Rite Aid 
    • Sarris Candies 
    • Sunglass Hut 
    • Tumi 
    • CNN Newsstand 
  • Dining
    • Bell farm Kitchen 
    • Buford’s Kitchen 
    • Dunkin’ Donuts 
    • Auntie Anne’s 
    • Bar Symon 
    • Chai’s Pittsburgh Fusion 
    • Chick-fil-A
    • Marathon Diner 
    • Martini 
    • McDonald’s 
    • Starbucks 
    • The Strip Market 
    • Vino Volo 
    • Local Craft 
    • Wigle Whiskey 
    • Penn Brewery 
    • Bruegger’s Bagels 
    • Joe and the Juice 
    • Burgh Sportz Bar 
    • Fridays Pub 
  • Other Services:
    • Ambassador Desk 
    • Bicycle Station 
    • CXI Currency Exchange 
    • Information Desk 
    • ATMs services 
    • Cart services 
    • PIT Pet Relief Services 
    • Repair Shops 
    • Parking Services 
    • Spots area for kids 
    • Reflection Rooms 
    • Sensory Rooms

How Long Are Pittsburgh Airport TSA Wait Times? 

The exact duration of the Pittsburgh Airport TSA wait time depends on the checkpoint at which the screening process is being completed. These checkpoints can usually open at 4:00 am. Given below are the estimated wait times: 

airfleetrating-tsa precheck pittsburgh airport
Checkpoint PIT Airport Estimated Wait Time 
Main Checkpoint 2 min 
First Class Checkpoint 4 min 
Alternate Checkpoint Temporarily Closed 
TSA Pre Check1 min 

If you are in a hurry and wish to complete the screening process as early as possible, you can go to the TSA Precheck Pittsburgh Airport facility.

How Many Terminals Does Pittsburgh Airport Have? 

Pittsburgh Airport terminals are categorized into the landside and airside levels. The landside level mainly houses the parking garages and provides ground transportation options. The airside level is further divided into 4 concourses. These concourses are named A, B, C, and D. This is where all the departures and arrivals take place. 

Pittsburgh Airport Terminal A 

The Pittsburgh Airport Terminal A consists of gates 1 to 25. It is known for the variety of services offered there. Airlines like Allegiant, Southwest, Sun Country, and United are serviced from this terminal. It is connected to the rest of the terminals via the people mover and the inter-terminal transfer facility. 

Terminal B Pittsburgh Airport 

Gates numbers 26 to 50 are managed by Terminal B Pittsburgh Airport. Therefore, overall it has 25 gates. The major airlines that operate from here include Alaska, American, JetBlue, Spirit, and Southern Airlines. The check-in, boarding, and departure of these airlines is smoothly conducted via this terminal. 

Pittsburgh Airport Terminal C 

To get to the gates between 51 and 75, you will have to head to the Pittsburgh International Airport Terminal C. The terminal houses 11 gates in total. Primarily, only two airlines are served by this terminal, which are Air Canada and British Airways. All the basic services are food and shopping will be offered to the boarding and arriving passengers here. 

Pittsburgh Airport Terminal D 

The D Terminal Pittsburgh Airport consists of the last gates from 76 to 100. It means that a total of 14 gates are housed here. The major carriers that offer their flights via this terminal include Breeze, Delta, and Frontier Airlines. All the essential services and general amenities will be provided near the departure gates of this terminal. 

What are the Airlines Operating from the Pittsburgh International Airport? 

About 14 airlines provide their aviation services from the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott. These airlines offer flights to both domestic and international destinations. To avoid confusion with regard to the flight itineraries, the airport assigns different airlines to different terminals. This way, each carrier will have a specific terminal designated to it, and hence the boarding process will be made simpler. 

airfleetrating-pittsburgh pit airport

What is the Pittsburgh Airport Allegiant Terminal? 

Pittsburgh Airport Allegiant Terminal is assigned to be the first Terminal, that is, A. You can find different check-in and baggage deposit counters here that will enable you to complete the ticketing procedures. After you successfully pass through the TSA screening and obtain the boarding pass, you can head to the boarding gate. The authorities will take care of the departure proceedings from here. 

What is the Pittsburgh Airport Southwest Terminal? 

All the operations of flights associated with this carrier take place from Terminal A. You will be provided ground transportation services from the Southwest Terminal Pittsburgh Airport to other terminals in case there happens to be a shift in the terminal due to flight delays or cancellations. Such information will be provided beforehand to the passengers. In case of long details, free drinks might be offered at this terminal. 

Which is the Delta Terminal Pittsburgh Airport? 

All the arriving and boarding passengers of Delta flights will be serviced at Terminal D. This Pittsburgh Airport Delta terminal offers several facilities to the customers like lounge access, free wifi, and nursing stations. If you wish to pre-book any of such services, you can contact the ticketing center at this terminal. Any further queries about the fliers can be taken forward with the information desk located at the terminal. 

Which is the Pittsburgh Airport United Terminal? 

Terminal A with 25 gates enables this carrier to provide services to the customers. To make it easier for the customers to complete their check-in process, the terminal offers round-the-clock assistance. The United Airlines Pittsburgh Terminal also provides pet relief areas for those passengers who wish to bring their United pets on board. You will not be required to make any prior registration to get access to these areas. 

What is the JetBlue Terminal Pittsburgh Airport? 

The JetBlue Pittsburgh Terminal is decided to be the second terminal. Usually, the boarding process takes place from here unless there happen to be unexpected JetBlue flight cancellations. Should such a circumstance occur, passengers will be instantly informed about the newly assigned terminal. Shuttle services will be provided to transfer the fliers here. 

What is the Southern Airways Pittsburgh Terminal? 

It is Terminal B that undertakes all the proceedings related to this carrier. Out of the 25 gates of the Southern Airways Express Pittsburgh Terminal, one will be allocated for the purpose of boarding Southern flights. Such allotment will be indicated on the boarding pass of the passengers which can be obtained once the passengers successfully deposit their luggage. Self-deposits can be initiated as well. 

Which is the Main Pittsburgh Airport Spirit Airlines Terminal? 

One of the other carriers that used Terminal B for its operations is Spirit Airlines. The Pittsburgh Airport Spirit Terminal has to be visited if any Spirit Airlines name changes or upgrades to your flights have to be made. Similarly, if you have lost any item while on an aircraft operated by this carrier, you will have to contact the airline authorities directly. 

What is the American Airlines Terminal at Pittsburgh Airport? 

Pittsburgh Airport American Airlines Terminal is known to be the B terminal. It is from here that all the operations related to ticketing, departure, and arrival occur for these flights. In case of arrival, you will have to head to the baggage carousel area to collect your luggage. While in case of departure, you can enjoy the different amenities provided including relaxation facilities. 

What is the Estes Pittsburgh Terminal? 

Estes provides transportation and freight services across different locations in the world. It essentially offers shipping facilities. Both terminals enable the operation of this facility. Based on the nature of shipping, the Estes Pittsburgh terminal can change from time to time. Sometimes, the selection of the terminal also depends on the flight itinerary. 

Where do Pittsburgh Airport Arrivals Take Place? 

All four concourses, that is, A, B, C, and D of the airside terminal make way for the Pittsburgh International Airport arrivals. The arrival gates are usually located at the lower level of the concourses. Here, the baggage carousels of various airlines will be provided for the collection of the luggage. This is where the car rental and hire services will be provided as well. You can also go for Uber pick-ups in case you want to get to the city. 

Where do Pittsburgh Airport Departures Take Place? 

All the gates of the four concourses offer flight departure services at this airport. The status of the Pittsburgh International Airport departures will be indicated on the LED screens and announcements will be made as well. Any information regarding delay or cancellation will be immediately made known to the boarding passengers. Otherwise, the check-in process can be normally carried out at the checkpoints. 

What are the Airports Close to Pittsburgh International Airport? 

The Arnold Palmer Regional Airport is the closest airport to Pittsburgh PA at a distance of 62 miles. Similarly, there are a few other airports close to PIT, some of which are listed below along with their airport code: 

  • Youngstown Warren Regional Airport (72 miles) – YNG 
  • Venango Regional Airport (83 miles) – FKL 
  • John Murtha Johnstown Cambria Regional Airport (89 miles) – JST 
  • Morgantown Municipal Airport (87 miles) – MGW 
  • Akron Canton Regional Airport (68 miles) – CAK 
  • Cleveland Hopkins Regional Airport (104 miles) – CAK 
  • John Glenn Columbus Airport (143 miles) – CMH 
  • Hagerstown Regional Airport (144 miles) – HGR 
  • Shenandoah Valley Airport (170 miles) – SHD

Is there a Pittsburgh Airport Lost and Found Department? 

The airport does offer lost and found services through the Pittsburgh Airport lost and found department, Any item misplaced at the parking garages, baggage claim areas, restrooms, shopping centers, and TSA security checks can be reported to this department. However, for items lost on the aircraft, you will have to directly get in touch with the airline agents. 

  • This department will be open between the hours of 6 am and 9: 30 pm from Sunday to Friday. 
  • On Saturdays, it will be open from 6 am to 7 pm only. 
  • The lost and found Pittsburgh Airport phone number is 412.472.3525
  • For contacting the airline, you can find the numbers on the official site of the airport. 
  • If you happen to come across any lost or misplaced item, you can deposit it at this department. 

The Pittsburgh International Airport offers different types of services all at affordable prices. Hence, it makes it possible for different passengers to access these amenities. Moreover, it ensures that there is no type of hassle or issue faced during the check-in or the security process. The airport strives to offer the best and safest experience to its customers from all around.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is long term parking at Pittsburgh Airport?

Based on the duration of your halt, the fee for Pittsburgh Airport parking can range between USD 2 and 20.

Does Pittsburgh Airport have clear?

Yes, this airport offers TSA clearance facilities through its Pittsburgh Airport security line.

What time does Pittsburgh Airport open?

The Pittsburgh International Airport operates all through the day, that is, it is open 24/7.

How to get from Pittsburgh Airport to Downtown?

You can use taxi services as the distance between Pittsburgh Airport and the city downtown is 10 miles. 

What time does TSA open at Pittsburgh Airport?

TSA, that is, Pittsburgh Airport security check will open at 4:am every day.

Where to park at Pittsburgh Airport?

Parking at Pittsburgh Airport will be offered at the garages near the terminals.

Does Pittsburgh Airport have a Delta Sky Club?

Yes, the Pittsburgh International Terminal PIT has a Delta Sky Club.

How early to arrive at Pittsburgh Airport?

For Pittsburgh Airport departures, you will have to be present at the airport at least 2 hours before the flight take-off.

How long is short term parking at Pittsburgh Airport?

The minimum duration of Pittsburgh Airport short term parking is 30 minutes and the maximum is 24 hours.

How to check in at Pittsburgh Airport?

To check in at this airport, you will have to head to the check-in and baggage deposit.

Where to check bags at Pittsburgh Airport?

You can check-in bags at the luggage deposit counters of the Pittsburgh Airport terminals.

Can you shop at Pittsburgh Airport?

Yes, various shopping centers will be made available at this airport.

Does Pittsburgh Airport have free wifi?

Yes, all the terminals of the Pittsburgh Airport offer free wifi services.

How big is Pittsburgh Airport?

This airport covers a land area of approximately 10,000 acres.

Is Pittsburgh Airport open 24 hours?

Yes, the airport will be open 24 hours all through the week.

What airports are near Pittsburgh?

Allegheny County and Pittsburgh International Airport are the closest airports to Pittsburgh.

What is the airport code for Pittsburgh PA?

The official Pittsburgh International Airport code is PIT.

What time does TSA open at Pittsburgh International Airport?

The TSA at this airport generally opens at 4:00 am.

Where to eat at Pittsburgh Airport?

Various dining and restaurants are provided at the terminals of this airport.

Does Pittsburgh Airport have a smoking section?

No, smoking is absolutely prohibited at the Pittsburgh International Airport.

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