Gustaf III Airport

Gustaf III Airport

Gustaf III Airport is also known as Saint Barthélemy Airport, Rémy de Haenen Airport, or St. Jean Airport, is a public use airport located in the village of St. Jean on the Caribbean island of Saint Barthélemy. The airport is served by small regional commercial aircraft and charters.

The airport is named after King Gustav III of Sweden, under whom Sweden obtained the island from France in 1784 (it was sold back to France in 1878). In 1984, the Swedish Minister of Communications, Hans Gustafsson, inaugurated the terminal building of the Gustaf III Airport.

General Information about Gustaf III Airport

The following table is an overview of SBH Airport indicated below:

AirportGustaf III Airport
Airport TypePublic
OperatorMairie de St Barthélemy
ServesSaint Barthélemy
Hub forTradewind Aviation
Gustaf III Airport CodeSBH
Gustaf III Airport Terminals1
SBH Airport Runway1
SBH Airport Coordinates17°54′16″N 062°50′38″W
Gustaf III Airport Address97133, St Barthélemy
Elevation48 ft / 15 m

Gustaf III Airport Code

Gustaf III Airport is SBH. This three-letter IATA code is based on the name of the airport Gustaf III.


Gustaf III Airport Map

The Gustaf III Airport location Map is a useful tool for finding your way around the airport, and for planning your journey.

Gustaf III Airport Runway

Gustaf III Airport (SBH) features a single state-of-the-art runway: 

NameLength (mtr)Length (ft)Surface

Gustaf III Airport Terminal

Gustaf III Airport has one terminal, known as Terminal 1. It is used for both arrivals and departures. The terminal is relatively small, but it has all the essential facilities, including check-in counters, security screening, baggage claim, and a waiting area.

Nearest Airports to Gustaf III Airport

Some of the closest airports to SBH Airport are:

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  • Princess Juliana International Airport – 32 km
  • Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport – 40 km
  • F.D. Roosevelt Airport – 48 km
  • Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport – 49 km
  • Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport – 67 km
  • Vance W. Amory International Airport – 82 km
  • V. C. Bird International Airport1 – 40 km

Airlines Operating from Gustaf III Airport (SBH)

The following airlines operate from Gustaf III Airport:

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