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Erzurum International Airport Code ERZ

Airport Codes

ZIP CODE 25050

Airport coordinates

LAT / LON 39°57'23"N / 41°10'12"E


Weather Observations

Station ID: LTCE
Observation Time: 07/05/2021 9:52 am

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About Erzurum International Airport Code

Erzurum International Airport code is ERZ. This three-letter IATA code is based on the name of the airport. This airport serves Erzurum in Turkey. 

About Erzurum International Airport (ERZ)

Nestled in the heart of eastern Turkey is Erzurum International Airport (ERZ) glowing like a pearl. It has been serving travellers from all over the world since 1966 as a military and public airport. Millions of people from all over the world bless this beautiful city with their presence every year. As a result, this has over a period of time evolved into a hub of cultural confluence and economic development. 

Erzurum International Airport (ERZ) Terminal

Spread across an area of 5,750-meter square, Erzurum International Airport (ERZ) terminal is an architectural wonder brimming with a host of advanced amenities and luxury features. Restaurants, hotels, a spacious parking lot to accommodate 200 cars, free wi-fi, shops, and ATMs all combine together to give a passenger a timeless experience. It is equally convenient for people in general also. 

Erzurum International Airport (ERZ) Runways

Erzurum International Airport (ERZ) features two state-of-the-art runways: 

08R/26L 3,810m concrete 

08L/26L 3,810m concrete

Nearest Airports to Erzurum International Airport (ERZ)

Bingoi Airport 131 km 

Mus Airport 140 km 

Erzincan Airport 144 km

Agri Airport 161 km 

Trabzon Airport 165 km 

Major Passenger Airlines Operating from Erzurum International Airport (ERZ)


Nordwind Airlines 

Pegasus Airlines 


Turkish Airlines 

Ukraine International Airlines

Runway Data

Name Length Width Surface Lighted
05-23 3,051 ft 49 ft Asphalt Yes
08R-26L 12,500 ft 98 ft Concrete Yes
08L-26R 12,499 ft 148 ft Concrete Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When should I reach the airport to board a flight on time?
    You should reach 90 minutes in advance before the departure of your domestic flight and 3 hours before the departure of an international flight.
  • Yes. You can use the free Wi-Fi facility at the airport.
  • The airport features luxury lounges, duty-free shops, ATMs, onsite parking, multi-cuisine restaurants, and currency exchange counters among other facilities.
  • You must check with the Materials Management Department as all unclaimed properties found at the airport and its vicinity are deposited here.
  • Yes. You need to carry a copy of your boarding ticket along with a government-issued picture ID.
  • Yes. The airport has a 24*7 medical center helmed by well-trained doctors and paramedics. In the event of a medical emergency, ambulances are also provided.
  • Kindly get in touch with your respective airline.
  • Kindly refer to your respective airline’s guidelines should you wish to carry medicines on board. It is advised that you carry your doctor’s prescription as well.
  • For the safety of our passengers, we request them to not handle any unattended items. They are advised to inform about the same to the airport staff or security personnel.

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