Des Moines Airport Code DSM

Airport Codes

ZIP CODE 50321

Airport coordinates

LAT / LON 41°32'2"N / -93°-39'-47"W


Weather Observations

Station ID: KDSM
Observation Time: 19/08/2021 5:02 am

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About Des Moines Airport Code

DSM Airport uses KDSM as its ICAO code. The IATA code for Des Moines International Airport is DSM. The airport utilizes DSM as its FAA code as well. Des Moines Airport code has been given by the International Air Transport Association. 

About Des Moines Airport (DSM)

DSM Airport is known as a civil-military airport. It was built in 1933 to facilitate the flying of passengers worldwide. Des Moines International Airport is located 4.8 kilometers southwest of Des Moines, Iowa. It has a total surface area of 2,625 acres. This airport has been named Des Moines based upon its location. 

In 1920, Des Moines had many small airports for the transport of passengers. However, the Iowa General Assembly decided to build this airport on 160 acres of farmland in 1929. Hence, the terminal of DSM Airport soon started to be constructed in 1933. Presently, Des Moines International Airport, comprising the Des Moines Airport code, serves 2.92 million passengers throughout the year. 

Des Moines Airport (DSM) Terminals

Des Moines Airport has one main passenger terminal. Both regional and international flyers travel from this terminal. Des Moines International Airport’s terminal building is divided into two floors. The ticket desks and luggage area are located at the lower level, while two concourses, A and C, are located at the top level. The terminal of this airport in Iowa offers a wide range of services. Restaurants, gift stores, a lounge area, taxi services, vehicle rental services, and other amenities are available for every traveler at the terminal of the airport with the Des Moines Iowa Airport code.

Des Moines Airport (DSM) Runways

Des Moines International Airport comprises a total of two runways. These two runways are called 5/23 and 13/21. The runways of the airport (DSM Airport code) are expanded on a surface of 9,004 by 150 feet and 9,002 by 150 feet, respectively. Talking about the pavements, these runways are constructed using both concrete and the asphalt surface.

Other Nearby Airports From Des Moines Airport (DSM)

  • Ankeny Regional Airport (17 miles)
  • Knoxville Municipal Airport (38 miles)
  • Ames Municipal Airport (41 miles)
  • Perry Municipal Airport (44 miles)
  • Newton Municipal Airport (50 miles)
  • Waterloo Regional Airport (127 miles)
  • The Eastern Iowa Airport (134 miles)
  • Kirksville Regional Airport (141 miles)
  • Eppley Airfield (143 miles)
  • Southeast Iowa Regional Airport (180 miles)

Major Airlines Flying From Des Moines International Airport

Cargo Airlines

  • UPS Airlines
  • FedEx Express

Runway Data

Name Length Width Surface Lighted
05-23 9,003 ft 150 ft Asphalt Yes
13-31 9,001 ft 150 ft Asphalt Yes
When was the Des Moines Airport built?

Des Moines Airport began to be constructed in 1932 but was completed in 1933. It is believed that the builders of the airport with the DSM Des Moines Iowa Airport code planned to make it a massive project. Hence, DSM Airport was constructed on 160 acres of farmland. The terminal building was built in a short time after the airport premises were completed.

Where is Des Moines Airport located?

The address of DSM Airport is Fleur Dr # 201, Des Moines, IA. Des Moines International Airport is located 3 miles or 4.8 kilometers to the southwest of Des Moines, Iowa. The ZIP code of Des Moines IOWA Airport is 50321.

How much does it cost to park your car at the Des Moines Airport (Des Moines International Airport code)?

The hourly cost of parking vehicles at Des Moines International Airport is $36. If any passenger opts for long-hour parking, then the price reduces down to $25. Additionally, the Green Lot Economy parking fee is $10. You have got these three options for car parking with different fares based on the parking hours.

Do you have to wear a mask at Des Moines Airport (DSM Airport code)?

Yes, passengers must wear a mask at Des Moines Airport as per Federal Law. It is mandatory to wear a mask and follow precautions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If any flyer is caught not wearing the mask at the premises, then he/she may have to pay the penalty fees as a violation of the law.

What county is Des Moines Airport in?

Des Moines Airport is located in Polk County. This airport is situated in the country of the United States. Passengers can use the DSM airport code for Des Moines to reach it or know more about its location.

How big is Des Moines International Airport (Des Moines Airport ZIP code)?

Des Moines International Airport is relatively huge in terms of its size and passenger volume. It has a massive area of  2,625 acres and can accommodate 2.48 million flyers worldwide.

Does Des Moines Airport require COVID-19 testing?

Yes, it is required for all travelers to go through COVID-19 testing at Des Moines Airport. They should show the negative test results of coronavirus 72 hours before the flight has to depart. Flyers are also eligible to undergo online screening for COVID-19 by a trained professional at DSM Airport (Des Moines Airport code).

How many terminals does Des Moines Airport have?

There is only a single main terminal situated at Des Moines Airport. This passenger terminal is split into two concourses, A and C.Domestic and international visitors use the terminal of Des Moines, IA Airport code, for boarding.

Does Des Moines Airport have TSA PreCheck?

Yes, the TSA PreCheck facility is available at Des Moines Airport. Travelers need valid ID Proof to submit at DSM Airport for their screening. However, those who wish to enter the USA along with low-risk travelers can use the Global Entry Program for TSA PreCheck.

Does Des Moines Airport have free Wi-Fi?

A cost-free Wi-Fi facility for an hour is available at the airport using the DSM Airport code. To connect to the Wi-Fi at this airport in Iowa, you can search for Boingo Network. After clicking on it, you can enjoy your services or watch commercials for an hour. However, if you want another hour of using a cost-free Wi-Fi service, then simply refresh the page and start another complimentary internet session.

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