Los Angeles International Airport

Popularly referred to as LAX, Los Angeles International Airport was established in 1928 to serve California and LA mainly. This airport is located nearest to the South Bay and covers around 3,500 acres in total. Currently, LAX is the third busiest airport in the world catering to around 66 million passengers yearly. 

On reading further, information regarding terminals, airlines operating, facilities, nearby airports, etc., can be found.

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General Information About LAX Airport

The following information shows the basic details regarding the LAX international airport. It reveals the basic summary. 

Airport Los Angeles International Airport LAX
Airport Type Public 
Operator Los Angeles World Airports 
Serves Greater Los Angeles 
Hub For Alaska, Delta, American, United, and Polar Air Cargo 
Los Angeles International Airport Code LAX
Los Angeles Airport TerminalsTerminal 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, and 8
Terminal B 
Los Angeles Airport Coordinates 33.9392° N, 118.4105° W
Los Angeles Airport Runways 2 Runways
Los Angeles Airport Address 1 World WayLos Angeles, California 90045, USA
Distance from the city 18 miles or 30 km Southwest of LA 
Official Website https://www.flylax.com
Phone Number +1 (855) 463-5252

Los Angeles Airport Codes

Airport codes can differ based on different international transport organizations. Given below are the main codes attached to this airport apart from LAX:

World Area Code 67 
Country Code LAX 
LAX Airport zip code90045 

Los Angeles Airport Map for Terminals

The airport terminal map will help you in reaching the desired terminal more easily. To understand more about it, look at the following representation: 

airfleetrating-los angeles airport map of terminals

Los Angeles International Airport Terminals

There are 9 Los Angeles Airport Terminals. They are structured in a shape that resembles a horseshoe. Each of these terminals has different gates based on the runway it leads to. 

Los Angeles International Airport Terminal 1:

Facilitating the operation of 13 gates, the Los Angeles Airport Terminal 1 has recently been renovated to support the influx of passengers. The 13 gates comprise 9, 11A–11B, 12A–12B, 13–15, 16, 17A–17B, and 18A–18B including the bus gate. Security screening and animal relief centers are the main services offered here. 

Los Angeles Airport Terminal 2:

Built in 1962, this terminal houses 12 gates including 21, 21B, 22, 23A–23B, 24, 25A–25B, 26A–26B, 27, as well as 28. The Los Angeles International Airport Terminal 2 has two air lounges along with the clubhouses of different airlines. Usually, this concourse is crowded during the operation of international flights. 

Los Angeles Airport Terminal 3

As per the Los Angeles Airport Terminal 3 map, this concourse is built to suit large-scale operations. All the gates between 30 and 38 are part of this terminal which are 11 in number. Lounge access, luggage carts, and parking services can be availed here. 

Los Angeles International Airport Terminal 4

With around 16 gates under its roof, this terminal is now being modernized to provide additional space for hold rooms. Los Angeles Airport Terminal 4 caters to both domestic and international passengers. Animal relief centers are the most commonly used service of this concourse. 

Los Angeles Airport Terminal 5

Los Angeles International Airport Terminal 5 has 15 gates between 50 and 59. With millions of dollars spent on this concourse, it offers a wide variety of services like shopping, parking, visitor centers, and food courts. It also caters to different airlines all over. 

Los Angeles International Airport Terminal 6

This terminal has been undergoing expansion since 2021 and houses 14 gates namely 60–63, 64A–64B, 65A–65B, 66, 67, 68A–68B, as well as 69A–69B. Further, the Los Angeles Airport Terminal 6 allows passengers to access the ticketing lobby and baggage claim centers. This concourse is one of the most crowded areas as well. 

Los Angeles International Airport Terminal 7

Being one of the biggest concourses, Los Angeles Airport Terminal 7 has gates beginning from 70 onward. It has enhanced security screening and personal services too. Currently, this terminal is being connected to Automated People Mover to further expand the infrastructural facilities. 

Los Angeles Airport Terminal 8

Terminal 8 comprises eight gates. These include Gates 80–85 and 86A-B. However, this concourse does not have facilities like security or ticketing. Hence, it depends mostly on Terminal 7. Thus, Terminal 8 and Terminal 7 are interrelated. 

Los Angeles International Airport LAX Terminal B

Los Angeles Airport Terminal B, known as the Tom Bradley International Terminal, is the largest of all. It has 40 gates and is separated into different sections like the North side, South side, West side, and the Bus Port section. This concourse offers advanced services and is facilitated with the newest technologies helpful to several airlines. 

Airlines Operating from Los Angeles International Airport

LAX International Airport serves many airlines flying to different destinations. Each of these carriers has a designated terminal through which they operate. These are as follows: 

Delta Airlines Terminal LAX

The Delta Terminal LAX operates from concourse number 3. It is the main terminal for the departure and check in services owing to its large structure that can accommodate huge crowds. Possibly, for Delta cancellations too, help can be found here. Further, it also offers security screening via different centers. 

United Airlines Terminal LAX

Concourse number 7 mainly caters to United and United Express. This United Terminal LAX has 2 jetways that accommodate large planes which are suitable for international carriers. Additionally, the large size of the terminal enables passengers to access United baggage and check-in centers more easily. 

JetBlue Terminal at LAX

Terminal 5 has recently added JetBlue to its list of airlines. Animal relief centers are one of the main amenities offered by the JetBlue Terminal LAX Airport. It is beneficial to passengers flying with JetBlue pets. Also, the wide area of this concourse enables the fliers to avoid long lines and delays at the counters. 

LAX American Airlines Terminal

The American Terminal at LAX includes concourses 4 and 5. This airline has an Admirals Club in Concourse 5. Passengers can avail of a number of services here like parking, food, shopping, and dining. It is used by both national and international passengers. 

Southwest Airlines LAX Terminal

Concourse 1 is the main Southwest LAX Terminal for domestic flights and international check-in. After checking in, passengers will be sent to the Tom Bradley terminal and assistance will be provided to Southwest unaccompanied minors for the safe transfer from one terminal to the other. 

Hawaiian Airlines Terminal at LAX

This airline operates from the largest terminal which is B or the Tom Bradley Concourse. Being the biggest, the Hawaiian Airlines LAX Terminal is preferred by many passengers. Moreover, since it is equipped with advanced facilities, it facilitates easy Hawaiian Airlines baggage deposit and check-in deposit. 

Alaska Airlines LAX Terminal

Alaska Airlines Terminal at LAX Airport is concourse number 6. However, international fliers of this carrier should arrive at Terminal B. Both of these services offer basic facilities like check-in counters and pet relief centers. However, if you wish to change Alaska flights, it should be done at Terminal 6. 

Volaris Terminal at LAX Airport

To smooth out the security screening process for a large number of passengers year-round, Volaris Terminal LAX is under the shelter of Concourse B. This terminal facilitates the easy collection and deposition of Volaris baggage and operates on a large-scale basis. Further, it offers other services like shopping, ATM, dining, and visitor centers. 

Air Canada LAX Terminal

Concourse 6, which is the LAX Air Canada Terminal, is a multi-carrier structure used by other regional airlines. It can handle around 6 planes at the same time. The concourse can also accommodate travelers in case of Air Canada missed flights or delays. Other than these, the basic services remain the same. 

Spirit Airlines Terminal at LAX

Earlier operating under Terminal 3, Spirit Airlines LAX Terminal is now number 5. The recent improvements made to this concourse make Spirit check-in simpler for both domestic and international flyers. New jet bridges and improved security screening are also being installed here. 

LAX Allegiant Terminal

This airline operates from the first terminal until the Allegiant cancellation and check-in process. After that, Allegiant Terminal LAX will be under the Tom Bradley Concourse. Hence, passengers need to perform check-in with caution. The authorities at the said terminals will provide the required assistance. 

Avianca Terminal LAX

Avianca is one of the biggest airlines and, thus, caters to an extensive number of fliers. To suit such heavy operations, the Tom Bradley Concourse is designated as the LAX Avianca Terminal. Travelers usually prefer this terminal due to its extensive luggage facilities, hence, making Avianca baggage deposits a simple process. 

Copa Airlines LAX Terminal

Terminal B is home to Copa Airlines in order to provide for the large customer base of this carrier. Passengers using the Copa Terminal LAX can enjoy services like fast check-in, smart carts, and bank services. Additionally, the terminal is large enough to accommodate people in case of Copa Airlines cancellations

Aer Lingus LAX Terminal

This is yet another international airline that uses the services of Terminal B. Since this concourse is large enough to cater to several airlines, it also houses the Aer Lingus LAX Terminal. All the facilities like check-in, Aer Lingus Flight Change Policy, and relief centers will be offered here. 

British Airways LAX Terminal

This airline forms a part of the Tom Bradley Terminal. One of the major reasons for the frequent use of this concourse is its ability to shelter passengers in case of British Airways missed flights. Further, the British Airways LAX Terminal also offers lounge access. 

LAX Korean Air Terminal

The Tom Bradley Concourse is the designated LAX Korean Air Terminal. It is designed to support the traffic both in terms of arrivals and departures. Luggage can also be easily checked in at this terminal due to the newly installed facilities. Hence, passengers can access the latest Korean Air baggage services here. 

Lufthansa Terminal LAX

Mainly, the LAX Lufthansa Terminal is Concourse B. It is the most used terminal with flyers from different carriers. It can not only provide hassle-free check-in and baggage deposit services but also offer enough space for the fliers in the instances of Lufthansa flight changes. Thus, it is the most renowned concourse. 

WestJet Terminal LAX

Terminal 2 houses this airline with no other accompanying airlines. Check-in can be done via the LAX WestJet Terminal. But security screening will be available at Terminal 3. However, any issues about WestJet baggage should be referred to the centers in Terminal 2 itself. 

Air France LAX Terminal

Air France Terminal LAX is the popular Tom Bradley Terminal. This modernized concourse has centers for different facilities like baggage deposits, Air France name change, and cancellations. Additional services like dining, shopping, and banking will also be given in this concourse. 

Aeromexico LAX Terminal

This airline operates from the third terminal up to the check-in as well as the security screening process. After this, passengers at the Aeromexico Terminal LAX can be shifted to the Tom Bradley concourse. However, when an Aeromexico flight change, fliers can be sheltered in either of the two terminals. 

Nearest Airports to LAX International Airport

Some of the airports close to Los Angeles International Airport are listed here. The respective airport codes and the distance are mentioned as well. 

  • Long Beach Airport (LGB) -18 miles 
  • Santa Barbara Municipal Airport (SBA) – 88 miles
  • Bakersfield Meadows Field Airport (BFL) – 109 miles 
  • Ontario International Airport (ONT) – 47 miles
  • San Diego International Airport (SAN) – 109 miles
  • McClellan-Palomar Airport (CRQ) – 86 miles
  • Santa Ana Airport (SNA) – 36 miles 
  • Palm Springs International Airport (PSP) -109 miles
  • Van Nuys Airport (VNY) – 18 miles 

Runways at International Airport in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Airport map shows four runways in the North and South complexes. The details regarding these are mentioned below: 

Runway Dimensions  Surface 
06L/24R8,926 ft and 2,721 meters Concrete 
06R/24L10,885 ft and 3,318 meters Concrete 
07R/25L11,095 ft and 3,382 meters Concrete 
07L/25R12,923 ft and 3,939 meters Concrete 

Los Angeles International Airport Arrivals

Terminal 1 is used for Los Angeles Airport arrivals. The concourse is used by different airlines. International arrivals mainly take place via this terminal. At times, domestic arrivals too can be observed.

Los Angeles International Airport Departures

This airport has several terminals, all of which undertake departures. Hence, a systematic process is implemented to avoid the hassle. Departures from Los Angeles Airport happen via different terminals, depending on the airline flown with. Here, the minimum check-in time is 3 hours for international trips. 

Additional Facilities and Amenities at LAX Los Angeles International Airport

This airport is equipped with extensive facilities that enhance the passenger experience. It offers:

  • Shopping 
    • Hudson 
    • The New Stand
    • DFS Duty-Free
    • InMotion
    • Univision 
  • Food and Beverages 
    • Starbucks 
    • Slapfish
    • Fresh Brothers 
    • Sealegs 
    • Pick Up Stix
    • Barney’s Beanery 
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi at most terminals 
  • Currency exchange by ICE
  • Los Angeles Airport lounges
  • Animal Relief Station 
  • Baggage services
  • Ground Transportation Services 
  • Banking and ATM services 
  • Restrooms 

Los Angeles Airport Lost and Found

Sometimes, items can be misplaced or lost at the airport. To reunite the passengers with their lost items, the Los Angeles Airport lost and found service has been established at the Airport Police Division. You can also connect with the police directly through the number +1-424-646-5678.

Los Angeles Airport Parking

This airport offers parking services to passengers using their vehicles. parking at lax airport can be both short-term or long-term and the rates differ based on this period. 

Short-Term Parking Los Angeles Airport

In case you wish to park your vehicle only for a few hours, the following charges will have to be paid. 

General Parking Premium Parking Economy ParkingFlyAway Parking
Free for 15 MinFree for 15 MinFree for 15 MinAvailable for FlyAway Bus
USD 9 for the 1st hourUSD 11 for the 1st hourUSD 8 for the 1st hourUSD 2 for the 1st hour
USD 7 for 30 Min USD 9 for 30 MinUSD 7 for 30 Min

Long Term Parking Los Angeles Airport

The Los Angeles International Airport parking charges, when you require this facility for days, are as follows: 

General Parking Premium Parking Economy ParkingFlyAway Parking
USD 60/day USD 70/day USD 35/day USD 5/day 

Los Angeles Airport Valet Parking

At this airport, valet parking is made available for USD 75 per day at: 

  • P1
  • P3
  • P4
  • P7 

This will be made available for all types of vehicles. 

Los Angeles International Airport has several facilities and terminals. It is able to regulate massive operations everyday. Hence, passengers can smoothly fly or use other services with LAX.

Frequently Asked Questions

What terminal is Alaska Airlines at LAX?

Concourse 6 is the Alaska Airlines Terminal at LAX.

What terminal is American Airlines at LAX?

American terminal at LAX includes concourses 4 and 5 for check-in and departure.

What terminal is United at LAX?

Concourse 7 is the United Airlines terminal LAX.

What terminal is Southwest LAX?

Concourse 1 is the southwest Terminal at LAX for check-in. After this, passengers will be sent to Terminal B.

What terminal is Hawaiian Airlines at LAX?

Tom Bradley concourse forms the Hawaiian Airlines Terminal at LAX Airport.

What terminal is Spirit at LAX?

Spirit Airlines LAX Terminal is Concourse 6.

What terminal is Volaris at LAX?

Terminal B or the Tom Bradley Concourse is the Volaris Terminal at LAX.

What terminal is Air Canada at LAX?

The Air Canada LAX Terminal is concourse number 6.

What terminal is Alaska Airlines at LAX?

Here, the Alaska Air Terminal LAX is the 6th concourse.

What terminal is JetBlue at LAX?

The JetBlue Terminal at LAX is the 5th concourse which has recently been modernized.

What terminal does Southwest use at LAX?

Departure for this airline takes place at Terminal B. But the check-in should be completed at Terminal 1.

What terminal is Hawaiian at LAX?

Hawaiian Airlines operates from the largest terminal – the Tom Bradley Concourse.

What terminal is Volaris at LAX 2022?

Concourse B acts as the Volaris Terminal LAX for check-in and departures.

What terminal is WestJet at LAX?

WestJet Terminal LAX is number 2 for check-in. Terminal number 3 is functional for security screening.

What terminal is Aeromexico at LAX?

The third concourse is the Aeromexico LAX Terminal for check-in. Terminal B is for the departure of the flight.

What terminal is Virgin Atlantic at LAX?

Terminal B is the Virgin Atlantic LAX Terminal.

What terminal is French Bee at LAX?

Tom Bradley Concourse is the French Bee LAX Terminal.

What terminal is Hawaiian Airlines in LAX?

Terminal B, also known as the Tom Bradley Terminal, is the Hawaiian concourse at LAX.

What terminal is Hawaiian Airlines LAX?

Concourse B is this airline’s terminal at LAX.

What terminal is Skywest at LAX?

B Concourse is the Skywest Terminal LAX.

How far from Los Angeles Airport to cruise terminal?

The distance between the airport and this terminal is around 22 to 26 miles.

Where is Terminal B in Los Angeles Airport?

This terminal is located near the upper level of the FlyAway Stop at the airport.

How many terminals does Los Angeles Airport have?

There are a total of 9 Los Angeles Airport terminals.

What is Etihad terminal number for Los Angeles International Airport?

At this airport, this airline operates from Terminal 5.

Which terminal is Qatar Airways departure in Los Angeles Airport?

Terminal B is the Qatar Airways LAX Terminal for departures.

How many airports in Los Angeles?

There are three airports in Los Angeles.

How far is Anaheim from Los Angeles Airport?

Anaheim is 29 miles from LA Airport.

How far is Burbank from Los Angeles Airport?

Burbank is 18 miles from LAX Airport.

Does Los Angeles airport have free WiFi?

Yes, this airport offers free WiFi.

How big is Los Angeles Airport?

The LAX Airport is about 2950 acres.

How much is parking at Los Angeles Airport?

For parking, the fee can be between USD 2 and USD 70.

Is there a dispensary in the Los Angeles Airport?

Dispensaries are located close to LAX Airport.

What is the airport code for Los Angeles?

The airport code is LAX.

Why is Los Angeles Airport called LAX?

Los Angeles Airport is called LAX because these letters represent its international code.

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