Genoa Airport Code GOA

Airport Codes

ZIP CODE 16154

Airport coordinates

LAT / LON 44°24'47"N / 8°50'15"E


Weather Observations

Station ID: LIMJ
Observation Time: 03/06/2021 12:23 pm

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About Genoa Airport Code

Genoa Airport code is GOA. This airport derives its IATA code (GOA) from Genoa city in Italy where it is based. Its elevation above sea level is 4 meters. 

About Genoa Airport (GOA)

Genoa Airport (GOA) is also known as Christopher Columbus Airport (GOA) or Genoa Cristoforo Colombo Airport (GOA) in Italian. This facility is regarded as one of the most important aviation hubs in Geno’s capital city Liguria. 

With passenger traffic of over 1 million, Genoa Airport (GOA) is Italy’s one of the busiest airports. Named after the popular navigator and explorer Christopher Columbus, Genoa Airport (GOA) has also served as a hub for a leading Italian aircraft design and production company called Piaggio Aerospace. 

Genoa Airport (GOA) Runways

Genoa Airport (GOA) is serviced by a single runway: 

10/28 2,916 m bitumen

It handles over 9,510 aircraft movements along with 975,56 tonnes of cargo annually. 

Genoa Airport (GOA) Terminal

Genoa Airport (GOA) is serviced by a single terminal building that features all the latest facilities including restaurants, lounges, and airline offices for the convenience of the visitors. 

Nearest Airports to Genoa Airport (GOA)

  • Turin Cuneo Levaldigi Airport 148 km 
  • Linate Airport 158 km
  • Pisa International Airport 167 km
  • Milano Malpensa Airport 183 km
  • Parma Airport 200 km 

Major Airlines Operating from Genoa Airport (GOA)

  • Albawings
  • Alitalia
  • British Airways
  • KLM
  • Lufthansa 
  • Ryanair
  • Tayaran Jet
  • Volotea
  • Vueling
  • Wizz air

Runway Data

Name Length Width Surface Lighted
10-28 9,564 ft 148 ft Asphalt Yes
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Samuel Smith
1 year ago

I live in Italy with my family. We often prefer this airport in Italy for our international tours. As you pointed out, this airport is actually among the busiest ones. It receives heavy passenger traffic all year long.

1 year ago

What an interesting fact you mentioned about the runways of GOA Airport! I had no idea that it could handle 9510 planes! This number is so huge! I wonder how many planes it will be handling in the future.

1 year ago

I was researching airports in Italy for a project. I am glad I came across Genoa Airport. How nice you have talked about its runways, airlines, passenger traffic, and size. Thanks to you for adding so much information here.

1 year ago

I think that this airport deserves much praise. With just a single terminal, it has been providing so many services and facilities to the travelers here. Even the number of passengers at GOA Airport is so huge.

Rahul Singh
1 year ago

Genoa Airport is in Italy and its location is very convenient to reach. Before traveling to any airport, I check that I have its code. Thanks for mentioning the Genoa Airport code. The code makes it very easy to reach the airport.

Emma William
1 year ago

I have been to Genoa Airport plenty of times to pick up my dad. He always tells me how convenient GOA’s services are. But it is great to know about its terminals and runways too. Also, I’d like to add that the airport has been beautifully constructed.

George Franklin
1 year ago

It is useful to know that the Genoa Airport code has been derived from the airport’s name itself. It didn’t occur to me but yeah the code now makes sense. I like how you have explained it here.

Priyanka Tripathi
1 year ago

It is useful to know that the Genoa Airport code has been derived from the airport’s name itself. It didn’t occur to me but yeah the code now makes sense. I like how you have explained it here.

Anurag Pandey
1 year ago

Happy to find this site! I think most of the airports and their details have been posted on this site. Whenever I need to plan a trip, I can easily look them up here. The detailed routes to visit them will come in handy.

1 year ago

I have always been fond of reading about airports, especially their runways. I didn’t read much about Genoa Airport in Liguria. But if the airport has only one runway and it is handling thousands of aircraft movements, then that is commendable.

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