Boston Logan International Airport

Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) is a public airport located in the United States. It was established 99 years ago in 1923. It is the largest airport in New England with a passenger volume of 42 million fliers. It covers about 965 ha of land and is able to help so many fliers arrive and depart from/to diverse locations.

Complete details about the important hubs of this airport along with its destinations are discussed further. 

General Information About Boston Logan Airport

Some of the basic details of Boston Logan International Airport BOS are mentioned in the given table: 

Airport Boston Logan International Airport 
Airport Type Public 
Operator Massachusetts Port Authority 
Serves New England and Greater Boston 
Hub For Delta Airlines, Cape Air 
Boston International Airport Code BOS 
Boston International Airport Terminals Terminals A, B, C, and E 
Boston International Airport Coordinates 42.3656° N, 71.0096° W
Boston International Airport Runways 4L/22R, 4R/22L, 9/27, 14/32, 15L/33R, 15R/33L
Boston Logan Airport AddressOne Harborside Dr. Suite 200S, East Boston, MA 02128, USA
Distance from the city 5 miles or 8 kilometers downtown of Boston
Official Website
Phone Number +1 800-235-6426

Boston Logan Airport Codes

The Boston Logan Airport code is a unique identification code. It is given to this carrier by different transportation agencies across the world. These bodies include the following: 

World Area Code0417 
Boston Logan Airport Zip Code 02128 

Boston Logan International Airport Map for Terminals

Having a clear idea about the location and structure of the airport terminals is essential in order to avoid hassle while boarding. For this, you can refer to the Boston Logan Airport map. It gives a detailed view of the entry and exit points of different terminals as well as their operations. 

airfleetrating-logan airport boston map

Logan International Airport Terminals

BOS Airport has four terminals namely A, B, C, and E. Different airlines operate through these concourses. Details about these Boston Logan Airport terminals are described here. 

Boston Logan Airport Terminal A

Established in 1970, Terminal A Logan Airport Boston houses around 11 gates. Levels 1 and 2 can be found here. It also is home to two sky clubs operated by Delta Airlines. Being environmentally friendly, this concourse is certified by LEED. 

Boston Logan Airport Terminal B

This is one of the bigger concourses of this airport and is split into two buildings. It has 39 gates from B1 to B40. Boston Logan International Airport Terminal B is the main terminal for check-ins. It also offers other services like restaurant access and shopping centers. Passengers in this terminal can also enjoy lounge access. 

Boston Logan Airport Terminal C

Structured in the shape of the letter X, this terminal has 31 gates. Both national and international flights operate through the Boston Logan Airport Terminal C. It offers lounge access on the lower level. Basic amenities like food are provided here. This concourse is connected to Concourse E via an airside connector. 

Boston Logan Airport Terminal E

This is a common concourse for all airlines that are used for operational functions. The Boston Logan International Airport Terminal E has 12 gates in total. This concourse has three levels for departures, arrivals, and passport verification operating at each level. This terminal was recently under construction as part of its expansion project. 

Airlines Operating from Boston Logan International Airport BOS

A number of airlines operate via the BOS Logan International Airport. Some of these carriers provide domestic trips, while others provide international and connecting flights. Each of these airlines has a separate terminal where the passengers are supposed to check in and board the flight. 

Boston Logan Delta Terminal

Delta Terminal at Boston Logan Airport is the concourse that mainly undertakes the operation of domestic flights. Known as Terminal A, it has four baggage carousels. Hence, it makes Delta baggage deposit easier. Luggage carousel number 3 is designated for the airline. Other basic services can be availed at this concourse. 

JetBlue Terminal Logan Airport

Concourse C is the official terminal for this carrier. After its recent renovation, this is one of the larger terminals at the airport. The JetBlue Terminal at Logan Airport accounts for departure and ticketing operations. Passengers can easily process their JetBlue check-in at this concourse due to its wide area. 

American Airlines Terminal Logan Airport

Flights of this carrier operate via Concourse B. This terminal was recently expanded to house 24 new ticket counters. Hence, you will have no trouble processing your query related to baggage and check-in reservations. The Boston Logan Airport American Airlines Terminal has lounge access and concession space as well to make waiting easier for the fliers. 

Boston Logan Airport Southwest Terminal

The Southwest Terminal in Logan Airport has been undertaking the operation of domestic flights. This Terminal B is large enough to accommodate passengers in situations involving Southwest missed flights. Other amenities like food, shopping, lounges, and clubs can also be enjoyed at Terminal B. 

Logan Airport United Terminal

This is another airline that uses Terminal B as its main hub. The United Terminal at Logan Airport makes it simpler for its fliers to process check-ins, baggage deposits, and United flight cancellations at their counters. Earlier, this airline used to operate from terminals A and C and is now shifted to Concourse B. 

Logan Airport Spirit Terminal

Logan Airport Spirit Airlines Terminal is the one operating from Concourse B. This terminal has 2 levels, one for arrival and the other for departures. You can undertake check-in at level 2 and collect Spirit Airlines baggage at level 1. At both these levels, passengers can access basic amenities and other services. 

Alaska Airlines Boston Logan Airport Terminal

Even this airline has Terminal B as its main concourse. Logan Airport Alaska Terminal facilitates departure after security screening. On days wherein sudden Alaska Airlines flight cancellations occur, you will be allowed to halt here for a while. Moreover, further assistance can be sought from the agents at this concourse. 

Logan Airport Frontier Terminal

Terminal E is designated as the Boston Logan Airport Frontier Terminal. Owing to the newly built checkpoints, this concourse is suitable for Frontier flight check-in. Further, you can enjoy the clubhouse and lounge access here. Notably, this is one of the most commonly used terminals since it caters to a large number of airlines. 

Cape Air Logan Airport Terminal

Concourse C is the terminal through which this carrier operates. This terminal has a wide luggage claim area at which passengers can easily collect their baggage. The Cape Air Terminal at Logan Airport is connected to Terminal E. Both arrivals and departures take place at this concourse. 

Cathay Pacific Logan Airport Terminal

The Logan Airport Cathay Pacific Terminal is Concourse E. It is the busiest concourse with three levels. Cathay Pacific baggage, check-in, and security screening will be done here. You can additionally shop or dine while waiting at this concourse. Other than these, the basic amenities remain the same as that of the other terminals. 

Logan Airport Iberia Terminal

This airline operates both flights of its own and codeshare trips. In case of Iberia cancellations, you can get aid at the Logan Airport Iberia Terminal which is the concourse E. This terminal is mostly preferred by the fliers due to its large size and smooth operations. Both arrivals and departures are supervised in this part of the airport. 

Logan Airport Japan Airlines Terminal

All the flights of this carrier arrive at Terminal E. The Logan Airport Japan Airlines Terminal has the most number of lounges and utility services. Owing to the quick operation of the counters, you can easily collect or submit your Japan Airlines baggage without any hassle. The terminal authorities ensure smooth security screening as well. 

Logan Airport Korean Air Terminal

This is one of the carriers that operate via Concourse E. Although it is the busiest terminal, it makes sure that all your baggage is properly accounted for. To manage flights, additional services like Korean Air cancellations can be accessed. The Boston Logan Airport Korean Air Terminal is currently under expansion for the introduction of 4 new gates. New cargo areas, checkpoints, and shops are being established here. 

Boston Logan Airport Lufthansa Terminal

Logan Airport Lufthansa Terminal E is the concourse through which most of the international and codeshare flights are executed. For services like Lufthansa name change, check-in, flight modification, etc., you can visit the counters at this concourse. The authorities here will assist you in understanding the associated procedures.

Logan Airport SWISS Air Terminal

One of the many airlines that use Concourse E is SWISS Air. It has a wide range of amenities and services which make it easier for the passengers to board/manage flights from this concourse. Further, the Logan Air SWISS Terminal is being expanded to offer more facilities and accommodate a larger volume of fliers, especially during unexpected SWISS Air cancellations

Logan Airport Virgin Atlantic Terminal

Terminal E houses this air operator and undertakes the operation of its flights. The Virgin Atlantic Terminal Logan Airport offers the arrival and departure services of domestic and international flights. Virgin Atlantic cancellations can also happen here. This operator also has its separate lounge set up at this terminal opposite the E11 gate where passengers can wait. 

British Airways Logan Airport Terminal

British Airways Logan Airport Terminal is Concourse E. With several other airlines, this carrier operates its domestic and international flights via this concourse. Here, you can use the pet relief area for your animals, thoroughly conduct check-in and collect your British Airways baggage in case of arrival. 

Airports Closest to BOS Logan International Airport

While arriving or departing from Boston Logan Airport, it is beneficial to know about the other airports near Boston Logan. These details are mentioned here: 

  • Martha’s Vineyard Airport (91 miles) – MVY 
  • Theodore Francis Green Memorial State Airport (64 miles) – PVD 
  • Worcester Regional Airport (56 miles) – ORH 
  • Manchester-Boston Regional Airport (55 miles) – MHT 
  • Portsmouth International Airport at Pease (55 miles) – PSM 
  • New Bedford Regional Airport (58 miles) – EWB 
  • Barnstable Municipal Airport (74 miles) – HYA 

Runways at Boston Logan International Airport

The BOS Airport map indicates that this airport has 6 runways. The measurements of each of these are given here. Their surface material is also mentioned: 

Runway Dimensions Surface 
4L/22R7,864 ft and 2,397 meters Asphalt 
4R/22L10,006 ft and 3,050 meters Asphalt 
9/277,001 ft and 2,134 meters Asphalt 
14/325,000 ft and 1,524 meters Asphalt 
15L/33R2,557 ft and 779 meters Asphalt 
15R/33L10,083 ft and 3,073 meters Asphalt 

Boston Logan Airport Arrivals

Arrivals at Boston Logan Airport take place at all the terminals. All the flights usually arrive at Level 1 of each terminal. This applies to both domestic and international flights. Once you arrive at the desired terminal, you can go to the baggage carousel area to collect your luggage. From here, you can go to the airport parking area, if required. Passenger pickup services will be made available on the way out. 

Boston Logan Airport Departures

All the Logan Airport Boston departures take place from level 2. The same is the case for all terminals. Some terminals like Concourse E might have more than one level for departure. You will be required to arrive at the designated concourse at least 3 to 4 hours before the flight takes off. This will give you enough time to complete the check-in and the security screening process

Additional Facilities and Amenities at Boston Logan Airport

airfleetrating-Boston Logan Airport Additional Facilities and Amenities

The Boston Logan International Airport BOS offers many amenities to be more customer-friendly and make it a comfortable experience for the passengers. You will have to pay a certain amount of fee to access these facilities except in case of medical emergencies. 

  • Shopping
    • NewsLink
    • Hudson 
    • Massachusetts States Lottery 
    • DuFry
    • FuelRod 
    • INK 
    • Fifth and Sunset 
    • New England Collections 
    • InMotion Entertainment 
  • Dining
    • Hudsons Coffee
    • Legal Sea Foods 
    • Vino Volo 
    • Monico’s Mercato 
    • Dine Boston Cafe 
    • Dunkin’ Donuts 
  • Pet Relief Area 
  • ATM Machines 
  • SmarteCarte 
  • Bike Rack 
  • Car Rental Phone 
  • Smoking Area 
  • Hotel Information Centre 

Boston Logan Airport Lost and Found

In case you happen to lose some items or your luggage at this airport, you can contact the Boston Logan International Airport Lost and Found department. This department is under the supervision of Massport Customer Service, located between Terminals E and C, arrival level. You can also directly reach out to the authorities by dialing the number 617-568-1810. 

airfleetrating-boston logan airport lost and found

Boston Logan Airport Parking

The parking at Boston Logan Airport can be a short-term, long-term, or extended stay. You can also reserve a spot for your vehicle in advance so as to avoid last-minute hassle. 

Boston Logan Airport Short-Term Parking

Short-term parking means that you can halt your vehicle for as long as 24 hours. The fee for such parking differs based on the location. 

The central garage parking fee is: 

Time Fee Charged 
First Hour USD 8 
2 hours USD 21 
3 hours USD 26 
4 hours USD 30 
7 hours USD 34 
24 hours USD 38 

Economy garage parking charges are: 

Time Costs Charged 
First Hour USD 8 
2 hours USD 20 
3 hours USD 22
4 hours USD 25 
24 hours USD 29 

Terminal B garage parking costs include: 

Time Fee Applicable
First Hour USD 8 
2 hours USD 21 
3 hours USD 26 
4 hours USD 30 
7 hours USD 34 
24 hours USD 38 

Disability Parking: 

Disability parking will be made available in all garages at all times even though the normal parking spots are full. You can reach out to the airport agents for immediate assistance. 

Frequent Flier Parking: 

Passengers who fly frequently like businessmen or journalists can enroll under the “Gold Parking Express” or “Exit Express” parking programs. Such programs offer additional benefits and extra privileges to the members. 

airfleetrating-boston logan international airport parking

Boston Logan Airport Long-Term Parking

A long-term parking fee applies if you wish to halt your vehicle for more than a day. In such cases, the price is charged based on the number of extra hours and the location. 

The charges for central garage parking are as follows:

Time Fees 
1 day and additional 6 hours USD 57 
1 day and additional 23 hours USD 76 
Each extra day USD 38 
6 extra hours USD 19 

Costs for economy garage parking comprise the following: 

Time Charges 
1 day and additional 6 hours USD 44
1 day and additional 23 hours USD 58 
Each extra day USD 29 
6 extra hours USD 15 

Terminal B Garage Parking charges are as follows: 

Time Fee Applied 
1 day and additional 6 hours USD 57 
1 day and additional 23 hours USD 76 
Each extra day USD 38 
6 extra hours USD 19 

In conclusion, the Boston Logan International Airport offers services that make it convenient for passengers to check in, pass through security, and collect and deposit their baggage. Moreover, the additional amenities provided at different terminals help more fliers to travel comfortably.

Frequently Asked Questions

What terminal is Delta at Logan Airport?

Logan Airport Delta Terminal A is used by the carrier.

What terminal is JetBlue at Logan Airport?

This carrier operates via the Logan Airport JetBlue Terminal C.

What terminal is Southwest in at Logan Airport?

Logan Airport Southwest Terminal is Concourse B.

What terminal is American Airlines at Logan Airport?

Boston Logan Airport American Airlines operates through Concourse B.

What terminal is United at Logan Airport?

Terminal B is the official concourse for Boston Logan Airport United Airlines.

What terminal is Alaska Airlines at Logan Airport?

Alaska Airlines Boston Logan Airport uses Concourse B for its arrivals and departures.

What terminal is Spirit Airlines at Logan Airport?

Spirit undertakes its operations from the Logan Airport Spirit Terminal B.

What is in Terminal B at Logan Airport?

Boston Logan Airport Terminal B has 39 gates with restaurants, shopping centers, and lounges.

What terminal is Allegiant at Logan Airport?

Boston Logan Airport Allegiant Terminal E is preferred by this carrier.

What terminal is Frontier Airlines at Logan Airport?

Boston Logan Airport Frontier Terminal E is in use.

Is Terminal E parking open at Logan Airport?

No, Logan Boston Airport parking is currently not open for Terminal E.

What terminal does Alaska Airlines use at Logan Airport?

Logan Airport Alaska Terminal B is the official concourse for operating domestic and international flights.

Why is there no Terminal D at Logan Airport?

This airport used to have Terminal D. But it has been inactive since the introduction of Terminal E.

Can you walk between terminals at Logan Airport?

As opposed to walking, the airport offers a shuttle service for movement.

How many terminals are at Boston Logan Airport?

This airport has 4 terminals. These include Terminals A, B, C, and E.

What terminal is Legal Seafood at Logan Airport?

The Legal Seafood service is made available in the Terminal B of this airport.

How to change terminals at Boston Logan Airport?

You can use the shuttle services offered by the airport to change terminals.

What airlines are at Terminal B at Logan Airport?

Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, Southwest, and United Airlines are some carriers housed here.

What airlines are in Terminal A at Logan Airport?

The airlines that use this concourse include Delta and WestJet.

What airlines are in Terminal C at Logan Airport?

Aer Lingus, Cape Air, JetBlue, and Silver Airlines operate via Terminal C.

What terminal does American Airlines use at Logan Airport?

American Terminal Logan Airport is Concourse B.

What terminal does Delta use at Boston Logan Airport?

The Boston Logan Delta Terminal is A.

What terminal is Aer Lingus at Logan Airport?

Aer Lingus Boston Logan Airport operates through Terminal C.

What terminal is Air Canada at Boston Logan Airport?

Terminal B is the Logan Airport Air Canada Terminal.

What terminal is Air France at Logan Airport?

Air France Boston Logan Airport functions through Terminal E.

What terminal is Azores Airlines at Logan Airport?

Terminal E is the official terminal for this airline.

What terminal is Lufthansa at Logan Airport?

Logan Airport Lufthansa Terminal is concourse E.

Where do I park at Logan Airport Terminal E?

Currently, the parking here is closed until further notice.

Where is terminal B parking at Logan Airport?

The parking at terminal B will be made available near the garage.

Where to park for Terminal A at Logan Airport?

You can park at the central garage when you are at Terminal A.

What terminal is WestJet at Logan Airport?

This airline operates from Terminal A of BOS Airport.

What terminal is Play Airlines at Logan Airport?

The carrier possibly uses Terminal E at Boston Airport.

What terminal is Hilton at Logan Airport?

Near Terminals E and A of this airport, Hilton Boston Logan Airport hotels can be located.

What terminal does JetBlue use at Boston Logan Airport?

Logan Airport JetBlue Terminal C is in use by this airline.

What terminal is British Airways at Logan Airport?

British Airways Logan Airport Terminal E is used for operating flights.

What terminal is Cape Air at Logan Airport?

Cape Air Logan Airport Terminal C is mainly used for executing flights.

What terminal is LATAM at Logan Airport?

LATAM Logan Airport Terminal E is preferred for running flights.

What terminal is Porter Airlines at Logan Airport?

Boston Logan Airport Porter Airlines Terminal E is utilized for carrying out operations.

What terminal is Sun Country at Logan Airport?

Via Logan Airport Sun Country Terminal E, the carrier gives rise to its flights.

What terminal is Virgin Atlantic at Logan Airport?

Passengers can head to Logan Airport Virgin Atlantic Terminal E for the flights of this carrier.

Where is terminal E at Logan Airport?

1 Harborside Dr, Boston, Massachusetts is the address belonging to Terminal E of BOS Airport.

Why is Terminal E parking closed at Logan Airport?

The lots for parking are currently not available. Hence, Terminal E parking is closed.

How to get to Terminal B Logan Airport?

Head to Maverick Station to get different options to visit Boston Airport, Terminal B.

What is the international terminal at Logan Airport?

For international operations, Terminal E is utilized at Boston Logan Airport.

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